Unlock your musical potential

At Brittany Putman's Voice Studio

The voice within you is waiting to come out!

Master the fundamentals

Perfect the elements that are universal to all aspects of singing: pitch and intervals,  vowel sounds, vocal tone and more.

Diversify your experience

Stretch your musical horizons and learn to use your voice in a multitude of styles. As you stretch your horizons, you'll find your voice can do more than you know!

Get coached by a pro

The key to getting better in any skill is the right teacher. Singing isn't something you're born with, it's something you learn, and I can help you with that.

About Brittany Putman

I'm passionate about helping people learn to sing!

18+ Years of Experience

I've been teaching voice lessons since my days studying to get my degree in vocal performance. Along the way I've worked with just about every age, style, and desire for singers, and I've loved it!

Proven Quality

Not only do I love to help people learn to sing, but I hear I'm pretty good at it! In fact, in 2019 I was selected as the best voice teacher in my former local community of Champaign-Urbana.

What people are saying

Benjamin Allen

College Vocal Professor

As a teacher of the voice Brittany Putman's most important qualification is her passion as a student of the voice. I experienced that first hand as her primary teacher. Brittany is a creative soul and seeks strategies which fit the unique needs of the personalities she teaches, for every scientific understanding must be tailored to the "language and learning style" of the student. Brittany has this additional qualification which adds to her potency as a teacher of voice.

Arlene Brown


Brittany is a lovely, nonjudgmental teacher. She is patient and fun, and she tailors her lessons to help you meet your goals while laying a great foundation for long term vocal health as well.

Nervousness has been one of the first things to go because of Brittany's warm, nurturing style. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to strengthen his or her voice. The benefits of voice lessons flow into many other areas of life.

Mark Washburn


I came to Brittany to add voice lessons to my guitar lessons when I was 64, and I had little to no prior musical experience. Brittany is a very good teacher. She is always encouraging and provides straight forward guidance.   I find Brittany to be a highly qualified musician able to detect minor and major issues. She has many practical suggestions and practice methods to offer, she even transitioned to Zoom classes without difficulty. I enjoy my voice lessons and music has been a wonderful addition to my retirement.

Kurt Studer


I played drums in a local band and was looking to become a more diverse musician. My singing was never that strong and I would always tense up in performance. Brittany immediately began working with me to help loosen up not only my vocal chords but my state of mind! In one month, with some creative drilling, I was able to sing with much more confidence and clarity. Brittany is an excellent teacher who helped me achieve my goals while having an enjoyable experience!

Julie Fultz


Learning from Brittany is a true joy. She has a special ability to make the music and musician come alive while bringing the students natural abilities to the fore. She is a gifted and capable teacher. When I was her student, voice lessons were one of the highlights of my week. I highly recommend her.

Andrew Janssen


Brittany is not only greatly skilled at voice, but at teaching voice-- she has a personalized teaching approach for each of her students, to best meet their individual goals and learning style. It's been a joy to discover voice with her.

Where the magic happens

A welcoming environment

Teaching online has allowed me to work with over 150 students in multiple locations (Chicago, Nashville, Champaign-Urbana, IL, and many more). Although entirely online, I aim to have the warmth and welcoming environment of a home studio shine through. This atmosphere helps to settle the student's nerves so we can really dive deep and do great work together.

Lesson options

Half-hour lessons

A great way to explore what more your voice can do.

Full-hour lessons

The best way to take your voice to the max potential.

Frequently asked questions


Is it hard to learn how to sing?


Learning any new skill can be difficult, and like anything else some people will pick it up quickly and for others it will take more time. Brittany works with each student where they are at and progresses them so they will understand and be able to perform to the best of their ability.


Do I have to be able to read sheet music to take lesson?


No, not at all. We'll work together to get your songs learned at a pace that works for your individual needs.


What ages do you teach?


I teach ages 11-100!


Do you offer in-person lessons?


No, I only offer online lessons.


I'm in a band. Will this help me?


Absolutely. Learning the basic techniques of breathing and vowel formation can be applied to any style of music and will make a world of difference.


Is this going to be embarrasing?


Don't worry; singing is a very personal thing and makes even trained musicians uncomfortable when singing in front of others. Brittany is sensitive to this and carefully sets up an environment where you can learn without feeling negative.


Can I take lessons if I've never sung before or if I can't sing?


Absolutely! Every person can develop their voice to a new level.